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    Learn ABOUT nature, IN nature and enhance PSHE and mental wellbeing. The Jigsaw Outdoors programme provides high-quality engaging outdoor learning experiences for children aged 3-12 with a unique link to the PSHE curriculum.

    The programme can be used by all schools and settings, either as a stand-alone programme, or to complement Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, ages 3-12. It provides 6 lessons for each year group (Nursery to Year 6) with superb teaching resources to download.

    The programme is designed to be delivered through the year, embracing each season. Mindful movement, original songs with body percussion and teacher guidance to complete the package.



    "The best classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by
    the sky"
    (Margaret McMillan)

    "The lessons have been accessible and easy to take outside, making
    the experience more memorable for the children."

    "The children really enjoyed the Jigsaw Outdoors lessons, they felt it
    was 'more fun' and enjoyed 'taking learning outside'.
    As a teacher,
    I also enjoyed teaching the sessions outside. I felt the children
    benefited from the programme in the usual way, however, felt that
    the session was much more active."


    Also included:

    • Progression mapping
    • Original songs with body percussion
    • Support from a Jigsaw Outdoors mentor
    • A comprehensive training and support programme
    • Non-classroom-based/extra-curricular experiences
    • Mindful Movement cards (M.M.C.)

    Compatible with the Forest School philosophy.
    In this world of endless screentime, children love experiencing being
    outside in a purposeful and fun way, gain respect for the environment
    and learn through play.

    Pricing information

    Price of Annual Membership is tiered, based on pupil numbers

    Best Option

    Whole School Set R-Year 6 (ages 4-11)

    From £100

    + VAT per year

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    KS1 R-Year 2 (ages 4-7)

    From £45

    + VAT per year

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    KS2 Years 3-6 (ages 7-11)

    From £60

    + VAT per year

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    Single Year Group

    From £15

    + VAT per year

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    Nursery Set (whether attached to a school or not)

    From £15

    + VAT per year

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