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    Jigsaw PSHE emerged from the desire and mission to make things for better children and young people.

    As an educator and therapist, Jan Lever MBE recognised the benefit of combining her knowledge of both fields into a school curriculum.

    She saw the need for a time-tabled slot every week for children and young people to receive personal, social, emotional and health education for a big focus on emotional literacy and mental health.

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    From humble beginnings to supporting 2.5 million children

    Starting from her spare room in Dorset, Jan Lever MBE started to write Jigsaw PSHE, which would grow into Jigsaw Education Group.
    Her personal experience as an educator meant she understood the pressures and strains of teachers, particularly in implementing new programs under changing statutory guidance.
    When writing Jigsaw, Jan wanted to do everything she could to support teachers to champion children and young people to build positive relationships with themselves.
    A starting point for better learning, happier relationships and more fulfilling lives for the adults of tomorrow.
    While teachers understood the necessity and importance of PSHE, along with the pressures of planning time, classroom time and statutory requirements, they were left with little time to weave all the complex pieces into a cohesive whole programme.
    Teachers needed a whole-school programme that did exactly that and served the needs of children and young people.
    Moreover, Jan believed that more could be done to help teachers empower children and young people to understand how to build and maintain their mental health, using mindfulness philosophy and practice to enable them to press pause, understand their emotions and choose their responses.
    Given the right tools, schools can help build happy, healthy children and young people who are in charge of their emotional states which increases their capacity to learn. Personal, Social, Health Education that nurtures mindfulness is the solution.
    With the mantra, 'Happy Children Learn', Jan Lever officially launched Jigsaw PSHE in 2013. Since then, Jan has helped influence thousands of schools, teachers and pupils.
    This allowed Jigsaw Education Group to expand and grow with many educators joining the team, helping support more children, young people and teachers.
    The Group now comprises Jigsaw PSHE, Discovery RE, Jigsaw Families and Jigsaw Resilience and works with over 7,000 schools across the UK and internationally. 

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    "What was missing was a programme that had worked out the progression and the structure and what to teach and at which stage while making it fun, enjoyable and creative for the children and the teachers."

    Jan Lever, MBE

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    • A comprehensive set of detailed medium-term planning for Religious Education from Nursery to Year 6 (for 3-11 year-olds).

    • 64 Enquiry modules covering Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

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