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    The Jigsaw Education Group is proud of the work we do for schools, teachers, partners and above all children and young people.

    Our work is solving issues for educators to allow them to spend more time with their pupils.

    To help us achieve this, Jigsaw carefully chooses our partners through a selective process, to ensure that teachers, children and young people are consistently benefiting.

    Below is a selection of some of Our Partners, each unique and together with Jigsaw, is nurturing the adults of tomorrow.


    Jigsaw and the British Council

    Jigsaw Education Group is proud to work in partnership with schools around the world. As part of the British Council’s ongoing Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme, we have three clusters of schools working on projects which partner schools in the UK with colleagues in Nepal, Lebanon and Egypt.
    As well as providing some excellent free resources on Global Citizenship, Connecting Classrooms partners UK schools with settings abroad, allowing students and teachers to work together on different global issues, sharing experiences and ideas. The projects can be started at any time and schools are actively encouraged to find a partner school to share their good practice.
    The COVID-19 pandemic has given an unexpected commonality to the projects and led to Jigsaw being consulted on the writing of the British Council’s Global Learning resource, “Mental Health and Well-being”, a set of activities for young people aged 7-14 years. These resources are available for free on the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms website.

    Jigsaw and NCFE

    Jigsaw is delighted to work with NCFE to offer the opportunity to both students and schools to gain recognition for their RSHE/PSHE work.

    The full assessment process in Jigsaw with attainment descriptors for each unit of work and a summative assessment ‘workbook’ in lesson 6 of each Puzzle (unit) enable the straightforward monitoring and recording of learning and progress and the workbooks evidence all the Learning Outcomes and Portfolio Requirements for the NCFE RSHE Awards.

    Jigsaw PSHE, 11-16, is endorsed by the NCFE (National Awarding Organisation) as the teaching programme aligned to and supporting the delivery of learning that meets all the requirements for the Levels 1 and 2 Awards for RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education).

    See for more information about the awards.


    Jigsaw and Never Such Innocence

    Here at Jigsaw Education Group, children and young people’s well-being and learning are at the heart of everything that we do.

    As such, we are delighted to be working in partnership with Never Such Innocence (NSI) to showcase the NSI international competition to our schools, giving your students and young people a voice on the international stage.

    “We are delighted to be working with Jigsaw PSHE to provide opportunities to support the personal development, social skills and emotional and mental health needs of students and give them a voice on conflict!”  Lady Lucy French, OBE

    Never Such Innocence have launched their 2021/22 poetry, art, speech and songwriting competition! The international competition invites young people aged 9-18 to reflect on the theme of ‘Life After Conflict’. Full competition details can be found on the NSI website. Deadline to enter is March 18, 2022

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    Jigsaw and Boys In Mind

    Boys in Mind are a multi-agency alliance of professionals and young people who work with primary and secondary school staff to help them understand the issues around male suicide and mental health.

    They develop films, assembly ideas and lesson activities that educational staff can use. These resources are co-produced by young people, mainly boys and young men.

    Their vision is to empower children and young people, particularly boys and young men, to talk about their emotions and express their vulnerability in a safe and healthy manner.

    See their website for more information here.


    Jigsaw PSHE 3-11 is delighted to be working with the Just Finance Foundation and to recommend their teaching resources to primary schools.

    The Lifesavers teaching materials based around the ‘Five Big Questions ‘ along with the truly engaging Milo and his accompanying story book, give schools a flexible and engaging set of resources that can enhance financial education within PSHE and then extend this across wider curriculum areas to support schools to fully embed this learning. Their values based approach to learning about money in the classroom is accompanied by further supporting materials for assemblies, homework and a support to set up savings club in individual schools. To find out more and register for these resources for your school for free, go to

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    Our Partners

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