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    Bearwood Primary and Nursery School - Dorset

    Significant success with Celebrating Difference and RE

    Significant Success

    Last year the school had a focus on Celebrating Differences as part of our RE and British Values Curriculum. We had assemblies and workshops from local faith groups (Christianity, Islam, Humanism and Judaism) and Jewish and Hindu parents spoke to the children about their beliefs and how their faith is celebrated at home.

    Bearwood Primary and Nursery School 1

    Impact of Jigsaw

    As part of the display, children wrote about what they understood about the different faiths, with an emphasis on the similarities they had in common. In RE monitoring activities and general staff conversations, we have noticed that the children are showing a lot more empathy with each others' views and understanding of any differences, particularly religious ones.

    Bearwood Primary and Nursery School 2

    Looking forward

    We will continue to invite in representatives from religious groups for assemblies and to really bring the children's RE learning to life. We want our children to feel that they are part of a national and world-wide community, and this year the school is developing links with other schools as a result.



    Bearwood Primary and Nursery School

    Bearwood Primary and Nursery School, Dorest is a school with over 200 children.

    Headteacher: Laura Bennett

    Jigsaw Champion: Sally Wall

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