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    Eynsham Community Primary School

    Significant success with curriculum, whole-school approach, general ethos and pupil impact.

    Significant Success

    Eynsham Community Primary School, the Jigsaw scheme was implemented in September 2018 as part of an overhaul of the curriculum and leadership team. Prior to this, the school was graded as ‘Requires Improvement’ as no PSHE lessons happened, other than those sporadic lessons when an incident happened. The school experienced hundreds of incidents related to behaviour and children with social interaction problems.

    In September 2018, all teachers undertook training in how to run a successful Jigsaw PSHE lesson. This involved the demonstration of the use of ‘calm me’ script, introductory activities to encourage social skills and speaking and listening techniques and how to approach conversations which could be problematic. The training then led to weekly PSHE lessons being introduced into teachers timetables and a book for children to write their ideas down from each lesson.

    Now, since the introduction of the scheme, lessons still are timetabled in once a week to the children’s learning, and are taught to a high standard as the lesson is seen as a priority within the school. Children thoroughly enjoy the lessons and find the opportunity to talk through things such as celebrating differences, defining bullying, keeping mentally and physically healthy and how we change as we grow, amongst a variety of other thought provoking topics.

    Impact of Jigsaw

    Since the introduction of the Jigsaw scheme there has been a dramatic improvement of behaviour within our school. Behaviour incidents prior to the introduction of the scheme stood at 158 for the academic year. However with a new positive behaviour policy and Jigsaw scheme introduction the school encountered an incident reduction drop last academic year to 38 – a 75% improvement upon the previous year. And the academic year from 2019-20 there has only been 4 incidents this year, evidence of a huge improvement throughout the course of the school.

    In a recent questionnaire around Jigsaw, positive comments around the subject included:

    Looking forward

    Children now have a weekly lesson with designated time to broach difficult subjects such as sex education and how relationships develop. This is a precious time within the week of a child at Eynsham Community Primary School, and when Ofsted returned in September 2019, they came to the school and graded the school as ‘Good’. Throughout the inspection, they spoke with the Deputy Head and the PSHE lead about the impact that the scheme had had within the school and praised the effectiveness of the scheme in improving children’s welfare and preparation for the outside world. Eynsham is delighted and incredibly proud of the status as a Flagship Jigsaw school within our community.



    Eynsham Community Primary School

    Deputy Headteacher: Mr Reeves

    Jigsaw Champion: Hayley Davis

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