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    Windsor Clive Primary School Cardiff

    Significant success with curriculum, whole-school approach, general ethos and pupil impact.

    Significant Success

    Our school as a whole felt the need to inject some life into our Health & Well-being / PSHE curriculum and so, after a lot of research and an introduction meeting from Carol at Jigsaw, we were extremely excited to launch Jigsaw at our school at the start of last year. We are an inner-city school with a high proportion of disadvantaged children. The children at our school often need support to recognise, understand and control their emotions and we felt that Jigsaw would support our children with its focus on mindfulness and calming down techniques.

    Impact of Jigsaw

    Since Jigsaw has been rolled out we have noticed that the children find the 'Calm Me' aspect of each lesson of great benefit. As a result, the teaching staff felt that to support our behaviour policy in school, it would be a good idea for all classes to create a 'Calm Zone' for children to use when they feel the need to calm down or take time out to notice and regulate their feelings.

    We used pupil voice by encouraging the children to design these areas and they came up with fantastic suggestions such as beanbags, stories, mindfulness colouring, blankets and drapes. The Year 1 children also made individual worry dolls for the children to talk to if they felt sad.

    These calm zones are used on a regular basis across all classes and the children feel that they have a safe space for them to go to, to have peace and quiet. The children at Windsor Clive also now know that having different feelings, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger or worry are all perfectly normal emotions and they are able to identify it in themselves and in others.

    Looking forward

    As a school, we have been really pleased with how Jigsaw has updated and improved our curriculum. This year and next we will carry out the Jigsaw Audit to identify areas of improvement. Our plan is to continue to embed Jigsaw into school life. We would also like to link up with other Jigsaw schools to share best practise. Looking forward, we would like to see how we can incorporate Jigsaw into the new curriculum for Wales and continue to support our children and their families.



    Windsor Clive Primary School

    The school has around 470 pupils covering Nursery, Infants and Juniors.

    Acting Heads: Mr Ellis / Mrs Francis

    Jigsaw Champion: Sian Thompson

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